Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January BGS Group Submission

I have been extended a Beckett Grading Service deal that I would like to utilize, but to do so I must submit 25 cards to take advantage of the price offered. With our cards combined, we can get a great deal on sending our cards to be graded.

Here is the short of the long of it:
  1. You send me the cards you would like Beckett to grade in a penny sleeve and semi-rigid card saver. 
  2. I package the cards, and do the necessary paperwork to send the cards into BGS to be graded.
  3. You pay a flat rate of $15 per card, plus $1 per every $100 of card book value you send me.
  4. We will be utilizing Beckett's 10-day turn around service.
  5. I will be shipping out the cards on Monday January 27th, we should have the cards back Thursday February 13th at the latest.
  6. I will open the box from BGS on camera, just like I would a group break, to reveal the grades.
  7. After the break I will then mail the cards back to you.
This submission is limited to the first 25 paid spots.

Please email me - - to let me know if you are planning on sending me cards to be graded. I will keep a running total below to make sure we reach 25 cards. If you have any questions at all, please contact me via the same email as above, or on twitter @natespringfield.

  1. Nate
  2. Ben
  3. Brad
  4. Brad
  5. Brad
  6. Ben
  7. Dave
  8. Dave
  9. Michael
  10.  BryanP
  11.  BryanP
  12.  BryanP
  13.  BryanP
  14.  BryanP
  15.  DocSay
  16.  DocSay
  17.  DocSay


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