Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bowman Inception Case Break - 40 Autos (FULL)

Each Spot will get two teams.  Teams will be determined by a snake-draft. Draft order will be determined by entering the 14 participants into Random.org.  Each spot will cost $60.00 - Click Here to Buy Now!

This product is going to be hot - a lot of things going for it - inaugural release of the product, filled with ton of great rookie autos plus all of the players that signed for DPPP that are selling well now, case prices are already on the rise and it has not even been released yet, and ALL THE AUTOS!

The Bowman Inception Case Break will have 14 spots, each spot will get two drafted teams.  I will randomize the participants for the Draft and Break on Wednesday July 3rd at 9:00 PM CST. This whole process will be broadcast on this website's Live Break Page and recorded for future viewing.  If you are not able to be present for the draft, all you must do is send me a list of the teams in your desired order.  I will then give you the first available team on your list in the draft.

ALL CARDS corresponding to your team will be shipped in penny sleeves and top loaders.  Here is a complete checklist - it is loaded.

Important Things to Know:

1.  The drafting of teams will happen on Wednesday, July 3rd at 9:00 PM CST with Break to immediately follow.
2.  The randomization of participants for drafting and the entire break will be televised and recorded on VaughnTV, and uploaded to YouTube.
3.  Again all cards will be shipped and sent in penny/toploaders.
4.  There are 40 guaranteed autographs in this 8-box case break
5.  If a multi-player card is pulled, it will be randomed off between the teams featured on the card, unless all but one team featured on the card forfeits their chance at the card.  If multiple identical cards featuring multiple teams they will be evenly distributed between the teams.
6. Each two team spot costs $60.00 - Click Here to Buy.

1. @NateSpringfield
2. @notorioussog
3. @GlassNickels
4. Local Ben
5. Local Ben
6. @timfogel
7. @jonraypyle
8. @jonraypyle
9.  @OliveDBewbies
10. BradP
11. @BBCardTrader34
12. @BBCardTrader34
13. @RJDUB81
14. @timfogel

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