Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bowman Inception Case 2 - Sold By Team

This 2013 Bowman Inception Baseball Case Break will be purchased by team. Teams start at just $10 and go to $65. Each team purchased will be for the entire case - 8 boxes - of Bowman Inception, which will include 32 on-card autographs and 8 relic autographed cards. CLICK ON YOUR TEAM BELOW TO PURCHASE!

The case is scheduled to be opened on Wednesday July 3rd (the "official" release date of Bowman Inception) at 9 PM CST. I will scan and email scans of all the cards to you the evening of the break if you would like to list them on eBay. The cards will be shipped on Friday July 5th. Like always cards will be shipped in penny sleeves and top loaders.

The Angels and Indians will be a combined spot, and the Brewers and Braves are no included in this break.

Important Things to Know:

1.  The case will be opened on July 3rd at 9 PM CST.
2.  The entire break will be televised and recorded on VaughnTV, and uploaded to YouTube.
3.  Again all cards will be shipped and sent in penny/toploaders.
4.  There are 40 guaranteed autographs in this 8-box case break
5.  If a multi-player card is pulled, it will be randomed off between the teams featured on the card, unless all but one team featured on the card forfeits their chance at the card.  If multiple identical cards featuring multiple teams they will be evenly distributed between the teams.
6. Click on the team below to purchase - if the link is dead, then the team is already purchased.

Teams For Sale
Baltimore Orioles @woodman082008 Atlanta Braves
Boston Red Sox @Odie09773 Miami Marlins @BradP27 
NY Yankees AuburnChris  New York Mets @jonraypyle
Tampa Bay Rays @BradP27  Philadelphia Phillies @12penn2 
Toronto Blue Jays $10.00 Washington Nats @notorioussog23 
Chicago WhiteSox @TimFogel Chicago Cubs @NateSpringfield 
Cleveland Indians Cincinnati Reds @KingsCards
Detroit Tigers @sporer  Milwaukee Brewers
KansasCity Royals @kczkrib  Pittsburgh Pirates @TheFantasyFix 
Minnesota Twins @TheFantasyFix St. Louis Cards AuburnChris 
Houston Astros @BullpenNation  Arizona DBacks @GinotheFilipino
LA Angels/Indians @prpalomo  Colorado Rockies @TimFogel 
Oakland Athletics @jonraypyle  LA Dodgers Ben
Seattle Mariners @CubsFanP San Diego Padres       @sporer
Texas Rangers @jonraypyle  San Fran Giants $30.00 

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