Monday, April 22, 2013

Impromptu 2-Box 2013 Tribute Divisional

The LCS contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in taking some Tribute off their hands because they are trying to clear some stock before Museum and Bowman hits. So in turn I am putting it out there as a divisional break.

Six participants and six divisions will be randomized, then they will be aligned to assign teams. All five teams from that division will be assigned to that participant. If a participant would like to trade/sell certain teams out of their division to another participant, that is completely acceptable.

Price for this break is $110 per random slot. Currently there is 1 spots left. Contact me by e-mail or twitter to claim your spot. WE WILL BREAK THESE BOXES MONDAY NIGHT AT 9:30 CST.

Here is a Hits Recap:

Click here to see the full break.

Bought In:
@NateSpringfield - Paid
@notorioussog23 -Paid
@BPinksont27 - Paid
@sporer - Paid
@geeklectic - Paid
@ginothefilipino - Paid

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