Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gypsy Queen Case Break

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Finally we get to break a whole case of cards again. It has been since the 2012 Bowman Sterling Break that we have had a true case break. There isn't too much released about the 2013 edition of Gypsy Queen when it comes to specifics, but from the sell sheets, and little that has been leaked, it looks like another strong line of cards - just like it has been the past two years.

**UPDATE** The Full Checklist has been released - Click Here to See It!
**UPDATE AGAIN ** Spread Sheet Listing ALL the Hits for Remaining teams - Click Here!

There will be 20 guaranteed autographs and 20 guaranteed relics in this break.  Added to the relic mix for Gypsy Queen this year, to go along with the normal jersey/bat/patches, are buttons and bat knobs.  All of the autos for Gypsy Queen are on-card, and each box contains an addition mini-card pack containing 10 mini cards.

All cards will be shipped from this break, but it will be done a little differently than I have done in the past. Each participant will get all of the hits, minis, and SP (image variation, borders, etc.) cards from their purchased teams, as well as at least 1 base team set. With the extra base cards, I am going to put together base sets to be divided up between teams that did not receive an autograph. So let me give an example of how this can play out:

- I will purchase the Cubs.
- Once I get a complete base set of the team, I will give up the rest of  my base cards to the group. 
- If I give 6 duplicates of Anthony Rizzo to the group, but only 4 complete base sets can be made to be randomized off, then I will receive the additional 2 Rizzo's back.

I think this is a fair way to equalize the value of teams that don't get a hit, especially if it is a more expensive team. I should have pricing done for this break early this week, and pricing will be per individual team.  If you have any questions please ask.

Each team is priced individually, and will probably go pretty fast considering I am pricing most at least $5 cheaper than any other breaker at this time.

1.  The break will take place on Sunday April 7th, 9:00 PM CST and will be broadcast and recorded on my UStream channel. (
2.  All cards will be shipped - Hits and valuable cards sent in penny/toploaders, sets in card boxes, and commons in team bags.
4.  There are 20 guaranteed autographs and 20 guaranteed relics in this break.
5.  If a multi-player card is pulled, it will be randomed off between the teams featured on the card, unless all but one team featured on the card forfeits their chance at the card.  If multiple identical cards featuring multiple teams they will be evenly distributed between the teams.
6.  If a card is pulled that does not indicate a team, the card will be awarded to the team the player played with the longest during his career.  Hall of Fame induction team will be the tie breaker. If a card is pulled that is non-baseball related it will be randomned off between all hitless teams.

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Orioles - SOLD @BrynSTL  Braves - SOLD@SRiggs1234
Red Sox - SOLD@CallStrikeMarlins @thecasebreakers
Yankees - SOLD@SRiggs123  Mets - SOLDLocal Ben
Rays - SOLD@jonraypylePhillies - SOLDBradP
Blue Jays - SOLD BradPNationals - SOLD@notorioussog23
White Sox - SOLD@IamBunkCubs - SOLD@NateSpringfield
Indians - SOLD @natespringfieldReds - SOLDBradP
Tigers - SOLD @SporerBrewers - SOLD@KingsCards
Royals - SOLD @SRiggs1234Pirates - SOLD@Falconyx85
Twins - SOLD Steven ZCardinals - SOLDLocal Ben
AstrosNo PurchaseDBacks - SOLD@angry_saguaro
Angels - SOLD@angry_saguaro  Rockies - SOLD@Falconyx85
Athletics - SOLD@angry_saguaroDodgers - SOLDThomas
Mariners - SOLD@jonraypylePadres - SOLD@Falconyx85
Rangers - SOLD@jonraypyleGiants - SOLD


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  1. 1. 12 HR
    2. 82 K
    3. @natespringfield

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  3. 1. 18 HRs
    2. 188 Ks
    3. @TimFogel

  4. 25 HR
    201 K

  5. 13 HR
    87 strikeouts

  6. 20 Homeruns
    102 Strikeouts

    @ markloftus

  7. 34 hrs
    180 strikeouts

  8. 1) 14 Homeruns
    2) 125 Strikeouts
    3) @loftusgiantsfan

  9. 1. The total amount of Home Runs hit in all MLB Games on Wednesday April 3rd, Gypsy Queen's release date 15 homeruns
    2. For a tie breaker, total strikeouts recorded on the same day. 145 Strikeouts
    3. Your Twitter handle. @sportcardcollec