Thursday, January 24, 2013

Upper Deck Mixer Recap - The Hits

Here is the recap of hits from the 2007 Upper Deck Mixer break.  First up is the Sweet Spot Signatures tin:  David Murphy Helmet Auto, Kurt Suzuki on bat blue ink /99, Trevor Hoffman relic, and Torii Hunter relic.

Next up is the box of SPx, first the autos:  Carlos Quentin /75, Adam Lind, Beltran Perez, and box-topper Shaun Riggins.

The relics from the SPx box were more impressive than the autos in my opinion: Miguel Cabrera single relic /175, Jonathan Papelbon patch /25, Luis Gonzalez single relic /199, Hong-Chih Kuo single relic /175, Scott Kazmir single relic /199, and Francisco Liriano triple relic /50.

Then we pulled a mystery redemption relic, which I will be sending into Upper Deck in hopes that it will be chosen in a raffle at the National for a different redemption.  If it is chosen the replacement redemption will be randomned among these breakers.

Finally the box that we opened first had our biggest hit of the break.  The 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars provided us autos from three current major leaguers: 2-time Cy Young Award Winner Tim Lincecum, Perfect Game hurler Dallas Braden, Outfielder Ben Francisco, Kelvin Jimenez, and Dennis Dove. 

Our auto-less participants had a chance at the auto from a 2011 Topps USA National retail set, which ended up being a pretty nice card - Boston prospect Deven Marrero.

The next break will be posted soon, and to give you a little hint of what I will be doing - well, let's just say it will be a mighty Fine(st) break.

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