Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 Topps Chrome Goup Case Break

Each Spot will get two teams, one from Column A and one from Column B below for 68.50 a spot.  Click Here to Purchase and Send Payment of $68.50.

Darvish is just one hot rookie auto in this set.
The Topps Chrome break will have 15 spots, each spot will get two random teams - but not just any two random teams.  I will be dividing all 30 MLB teams into two columns.  Column A will contain the more "desirable" teams and Column B the "not so desirable" teams.  Each participant will get a Column A team and a Column B team.  Each spot will cost $68.50, which again gives you two teams in the break.

I will be sending out ALL CARDS corresponding to your team, which increases the cost a little for shipping and supplies, but it is just easier to do an all or nothing on what to send and what not to send.  Here is the best checklist I can find so far - as a more complete one is released I will share.


Important Things to Know:
1.  The date of the break is scheduled for Sunday August 26th, 2012 at 8:30 CST.  The Randomization will happen via random.org on Wednesday August 22nd - there should be a complete checklist available at this time.
2.  The randomization of teams and entire break will be televised and recorded on BlogTv.
3.  Again all cards will be shipped - Hits and valuable cards sent in penny/toploaders and commons in team bags.
4.  There are 24 guaranteed autographs in the case and a total of  1,152 cards to be distributed.
5.  Since there are quite a few multi-player cards offered in this set, they will be randomed off between the teams featured on the card, unless all but one team featured on the card forfeits their chance at the card.  If multiple identical cards featuring multiple teams they will be evenly distributed between the teams.
6. Each two team spot costs $68.50.

Column A                        Column B
Tampa Bay Rays                Kansas City Royals
Boston Red Sox                 Baltimore Orioles
Chicago White Sox            Chicago Cubs
Detroit Tigers                     Cincinatti Reds
Arizona Diamondbacks      Cleveland Indians
Los Angeles Angels            Seattle Mariners
Los Angeles Dodgers         Houston Astros
Colorado Rockies              Miami Marlins
New York Yankees           Milwaukee Brewers
Oakland Athletics              New York Mets
San Francisco Giants         Philadelphia Phillies
Minnesota Twins               Pittsburgh Pirates
Texas Rangers                  San Diego Padres
Toronto Blue Jays             Atlanta Braves
Washington Nationals        St. Louis Cardinals

Please respond in the comments section that you want a spot and Click Here to Send Payment.  Again, once the break is full the randomization of teams will happen.  When an updated checklist is released it may change the "values" of the teams, and the columns may change up to the time of randomizing teams.  Once teams are randomized and assigned, the only way they can change is via trade.

 1. Nate Springfield
 2. Bryan - @brynstl
 3. Local Ben
 4. Harry - @harrypav
 5. Harry - @harrypav
 6. Ben 2
 7. @jonraypyle
 8. Brad P.
 9. Phil K
10. @prpalomo
11. Nate Springfield
12. Nate Springfield
13. Nate Springfield
14. Nate Springfield
15. Nate Springfield

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